Build Customer Confidence
Reduce Costs
Increase Your Profits
AND Sell More Cars!

VehicleDNA uses Military Grade Technology to test the health of automobile engines and transmissions.  Go beyond the simple vehicle history report and give customers a detailed, easy to read engine and transmission health report!

This industry leading technology is like a Blood Test, but for automobiles. In just a few minutes, the VehicleDNA test produces lab-quality results that you can share with potential customers.

How Does Your Dealership Benefit?

  • More Mechanically Sound Cars = More Worry-Free, Full-Price  Sales
  • More Customer Confidence = More Purchases
  • More Purchases = More Referrals
  • More Referrals = More Profits

Sell more cars and increase profits with the help of VehicleDNA. Tell your customers to Trust The Test!

What is VehicleDNA?
VehicleDNA is a quick fluid analysis product that helps you to make informed decisions regarding trade in vehicles and vehicles procured from other sources.

Our franchisees come to your lot and in about 10 minutes provide you a print out that details the potential problems with engines, transmissions, and coolant systems.

The tests are categorized into three groups; normal, urgent and critical. Normal test results verify that the engine, transmission or coolant is in good shape. Urgent indicates that action needs to be taken such as a coolant flush. Critical indicates that there are potentially terminal issues requiring further investigation.

How does this help your dealership?
First of all, knowledge is power. Knowing the condition of the engine, transmission and coolant puts you in control of the next step to take with a newly acquired vehicle. With a normal test you can feel confident in putting a vehicle on your lot.

With an urgent result, you can tell your mechanic what he needs to do instead of him telling you. If the report is critical, you can decide to spend decide to spend the money to correct the identified problems or send to auction.

Mobile Testing
Our Franchisee comes to your dealership and in a matter of minutes provides you with the test results. Testing only requires a small amount of fluid from the engine, transmission or coolant. The fluid is extracted from the dipstick tube so there is no need for the vehicle to be in a service bay. VehicleDNA’s proprietary software provides clear, easy to understand reports on engines, transmissions, and cooling systems. Testing can be done on any vehicle including trucks, motorcycles, tractors, motor boats, snowmobiles, etc. If it does not eat, we can test it.

Stay ahead of your competitors
Customers are more likely to buy from someone they trust. Independent studies prove that vehicle history reports have a significant impact on buyer confidence and ultimately, inventory turn.

Research shows that dealers that provide vehicle history reports have better inventory turn by an average of 3 days faster than dealers who do not provide this information. Even when reports contain detrimental information, research shows customers will still purchase from the dealer who provides the data.

Provide your customers with unbiased information on reliability of the vehicle you are selling them and you will build trust.

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Industry data indicate that one in five engines needs immediate attention.